Photomanipulation art by Javier Lluesma


Emma’s life revolves around the war against the vamps and catching Gabriel isn’t about to change that for her, or so she thinks.

The Hunters seize him at a rare time when he must find his lifemate.  He’d never willingly choose to bond with Emma, a human at war with his kind, but the choice isn’t his to make.  The problem is she doesn’t know she’s chosen him.

She’s certain her fascination lies no further than using him to gain the upper hand against the vamps, but he’s not a vamp at all.  He’s Kindred, an alien race the humans unwittingly pulled into the war, and he could care less about their plight against the vamps.  His need for Emma is what impels him to aid the Hunters he despises.  Her denial of him ultimately drives him to suffer alone away from the humans, but Emma can’t let him go.  Her need for him proves just as strong, stronger even than the fear and hatred she’s been raised to feel.

With the escalating war and a crippling attempt on Gabriel’s life added to her grandfather’s efforts to divide them and her own worries regarding Gabriel’s short lifespan, Emma must decide if loving him is worth the cost.  To save him and bring peace closer to her own kind, she will have no choice but to defy her grandfather, to face the deadly Kindred and to fight for the life she wants with Gabriel.

Progress to date

Book 1:  THE ELDER, Revision Complete at 72,000 words (or so I think…)  Seeking agent representation *sigh*

Book 2: THE PALADIN, WIP  (Rainee’s story – just for you, Iyanna)

Book 3: THE HEALER, WIP  (Bozant’s story – just for you, Adam)