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Sunny Side Up Today

Whew!  What a crazy last couple of weeks it’s been, thus why I’ve been blogone lately.  I’ve decided early this morning that the mood of the day shall be “optimistic.”  Why?  Because I need a little of it to keep my sanity!  And truly, if I don’t make myself look at the bright side every once in a while, I’ll spiral down into a deep pit in which I only write horror where the good guys all die at the end and the demons inherit the earth.

First on my optimism agenda, I had to address my job.  It’s only natural considering I live where I work.  I have to admit it can be pretty awesome.  Just check out the pic.  We shot over 220 rounds from our 5” gun the week we went out to sea.  Makes me proud–*tear* love you Combat Systems/Weps!  You’ll have to check out my Facebook photos for last year’s missile shoot, and any true patriot will have even the hairs at the nape of their neck saluting at that sight.  Sometimes I’m so busy complaining, I forget to remember I could never have lasted thirteen years of this without being strongly patriotic. ‘Nuff said here.

Next, my home-purchasing endeavors are beginning to pay off.  Didn’t get the house we first offered on, but the second was a winner.  I am more than happy to run with it as I realized last week that it had been my #1 pick from the listings my husband sent me.  Now, if only I could actually see the home before I buy it…  Nope, not likely.  But I did see lots of great pics–5brm/3ba with a tree swing, playhouse, garden area, fire pit.  Yep, definitely something to be optimistic about.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about perseverance and optimism when it comes to writing, and I’m really glad I’ve come across these posts because trying to become a published author is a somewhat discouraging business by nature.  The authors write from a personal place and therefore take rejection personally at times.  I really needed to see how much work is involved in crafting and marketing a worthy piece of literature. 

And after much research, I’ve also concluded that agents, editors and publishers are not truly evil, but are actually on our side.  They are the buffer between the writers and the cold, hard truth of economics and technology.  They do the best they can with the resources they have.  And in return, we’ll spill our blood and guts to write as close to perfection as a writer can call it (since we all know we’re never done with our work).  Maybe, just maybe, if I learn all this at the front end, it won’t take me three years to get an agent, and that, my friends, is optimism!

So I’ve shared what I’m optimistic about.  Now, where has the optimism bug bitten you?


Jason’s Jesus Lemon

I don’t know where the tradition started, and I’m not sure I want to know. All I know is on Easter the kids hunt the eggs and have a shot at finding the “Jesus Lemon.” All of you devout Christians, please read on before feeling offended.

As Jason writes, “sometimes it’s sour; sometimes it’s sweet, as in life.” Yes, lemons are supposed to be sour. Of course they are, but then why are there so many sweet, sweet lemony things? Lemonade, Lemonheads, Lemon Meringue… So the tradition is that whoever finds the lemon can take it or leave it. If they take it, they take the consequence and/or the reward which comes with it. This year, the little lemon-picker had to serve Easter dinner, but then she also got to go on a movie date with Dad.

I bring this story up because I have spent yet another holiday without my husband and children. These occasions are racking up to unpleasantly high numbers of time missing from my life with my family. The happy times are hard enough to be away from, but it feels even worse to be away during the trying times, like I’m not doing my part to support them. To top things off, I was feeling low enough for missing the special occasion when I found out I have a very high possibility of being forced out of my job a year early. My rank isn’t being advanced quickly enough, so Big Navy will force separation in February.

Alright, so it sounds bleak that I’m going through all of this just to lose a job. On the other hand, I get to move back home again, and sooner than I thought. I’ll get a fat separation package plus disability pay. I can get paid to go to school again, if I wish, while living at home with my family, and I’ll have preference points for a federal job to finish out my last six years to retirement at the ripe old age of forty-four. Even if I do get promoted in the next few months and have an extra year away, I have technology on my side. I have video cameras, cell phones, Facebook, Skype and e-mail. My children know me and stay in contact with me as frequently as possible. They haven’t forgotten who their mother is. And Jason keeps me at the front of their thoughts.

I’m not saying to make lemonade when you’re handed lemons. My point is that the lemonade is there whether you intend to make some or not. Like two sides of the same coin, you just get both together. When I start to feel dismal, I just have to remind myself sometimes that it’s my choice to flip it.